Wine and Dine Tours

Romania can be the perfect destination for wine and culinary tours. Winegrowing has been known for centuries long in Romania. A trip to Romania offers many opportunities to visit wine-producing regions and to discover and taste different types of local wine.

Romania is one of the world’s top producers of many delicious wines, some of which never leave the country.

There are several famous wine cellars and vineyards in Romania that worth visit:

Prahova wineries
Urlateanu Mansion and Cellar
Rotenberg boutique Cellar
Rhein winery in Azuga
Tohani wine Cellar
Seciu Winery
Varfu cu Dor winery

Dobrogea wineries
Murfatlar winery in Constanta
Clos de Colombes Winery

Transylvanian wineries
Jidvei Winery
Recas Winery

Moldova wineries
Cotnari Wineries in Iasi county
Beciul Domnesc Cellar in Vrancea