City break Sibiu

Quick facts

The Cultural Capital of Europe in 2007, Sibiu is one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Transylvania. Sibiu’s Old Town retains the grandeur of its earlier days when rich and powerful guilds dominated regional trade. Sections of the medieval wall still guard the historic area, where narrow streets pass steep-roofed 17th century buildings with gable overhangs before opening into vast, church-dominated squares.

Travel tips

Visit Sibiu during Christmas. You will enjoy a fairytale experience and you will have the chance to see a beautiful Christmas market.

Visit the Pharmacy Museum located in the small square, if you’re looking for a different kind of exhibition.

Must Sees in Sibiu

– Sibiu’s Towers, three 15th century towers that have withstood the test of time: Harquebusiers’ Tower, Carpenters’ Tower and Potters’ Tower
– The Upper Town with its three beautiful squares and emblematic monuments: the Great Square, Little Square and Huet Square
– The Lower Town, developed around the earliest fortifications with long and more wide streets and specific architecture
– The Stairs Passage, a 13th century architectural masterpiece with twin staircases and archways, connecting the Upper Town to the Lower Town


Accommodation in Sibiu

Here is a list of reliable accommodation in Sibiu:
Hilton Sibiu 5* Sibiu
Ramada Hotel 4* Sibiu
Golden Tulip Ana Tower Hotel 4* Sibiu
Continental Hotel 4* Sibiu
The Council Hotel 4* Sibiu
Ibis Centru Hermannstadt 3* Sibiu